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                                        THINK TWIICE


Used, abused, or handled unfair. Sometimes, the most beautiful things in life... just need some extra tender loving care. 

At TWIICE, we know that we don’t have the ability to control every aspect of the production of our goods. As dedicated fashion designers, we endeavour to see our visions come to life to the highest quality. We try our best to avoid faults, but some production faults are out of our control. The good thing is, we are a team of resilient women that view every problem as a challenge we can find a solution for. After all, our virtues only grow from our weaknesses. 

What was once a problem area at TWIICE, and an undervalued area in most retail businesses, was the Faulty Items Department. This department was home to items that are often manufactured incorrectly or have become faulty due to poor handling. And although some are still in wearable condition, the sad reality is, these pieces have a higher chance of becoming neglected and eventually discarded. 

These beautiful items are worthy of love and belonging at TWIICE alongside all our other beautiful pieces. In fact, from these overlooked items we have birthed a new meaningful category of their own, which we have named Recovery Project.

Through TWIICE’s Recovery Project, we invite our customers to support us to give new life to these neglected garments with minor flaws. By participating in our Recovery Project, not only are you saving a garment from adding to the global landfill problem, but you are also saving yourself some money. Sounds like a win-win situation to us! 



We are all aware of the impacts of our consumption on the health of our environment. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, textiles contribute towards 26% of waste production in Australia. Textile waste forms one of the worst recovery rates of waste with so few garments able to be appropriately recycled.  

But, we’re all fashion aficionados here, and consumption of clothes and fashion are a part of our reality – no judgement from us! A part that brings us joy, self-love, and confidence. In an ideal world, most of these clothes are being bought and worn by us, with respect, love, and care.  

However, there is another real side to this reality. And that is that sometimes even with the most careful production and handling... mistakes are inevitable. Some of these clothes can turn out to be faulty. And then, nobody wants them.  

So, what can we do with these products to ensure they’re not being added needlessly into landfill?  



At TWIICE, we believe that nothing created by mankind is perfect. There is always room for error. We also believe that these errors are part of a perfect plan and a learning message for all of us. 

Our Recovery Project at TWIICE aims to repurpose minorly faulty garments and sell them to women who appreciate the imperfectly perfect. And by offering this option, we hope to reduce the amount of wearable clothes going to waste and encourage our customers to consume mindfully. 

Our vision for a more sustainable future centres around our belief in building a ‘nothing goes to waste’ circular system, where products and materials are consumed responsibly and worn for longer, re-used and re-tailored for as long as possible 



We recognize that whatever we do - even if it’s our smallest acts of mindfulness – can come together to create great change. So, we invite you, our loyal customers, to join us in being a part of something greater!  

The process is simple but very rewarding. 

1) Shop & discover a unique range of limited treasures: some might even be your sold out favourite TWIICE pieces you’ve been dying for us to restock. 

2) Uncover the story behind the garment: each piece carries a label informing you of the minor fault and ways you can embrace them – flaws and all! 

3) Enjoy the benefits and save on cost: the items will all be discounted to account for their imperfections.

4) Take home with love and care: enjoy your new piece of modest, mindful, and meaningful clothing – you might even get some compliments on the way! 


Thank you for reading and choosing to be a part of The TWIICE Recovery Project. 
This project is going to rescue faulty products and give them to women who appreciate the imperfectly perfect. 
Because, after-all… aren’t we all a little perfectly imperfect and looking for some love and care? 

So, own it girl. 


All items within the THINK TW//CE range have been identified to contain small faults which have been checked and tested by our team. The defects of each product have been outlined clearly in the product description to provide customers with full transparency and empower them to best determine whether they wish to rehome the item at a reduced rate. Note, at TW//CE, we do not compromise on quality and will only resell products that have been identified as salvageable by our team, in aim of minimizing textile waste. The Recovery Project items are currently only available to shop from our Store due to their one off quantity.