Premium Chiffon Hijab- White


Say goodbye to slippery chiffon scarves and say hello to premium chiffon. Our premium chiffon range has a slight stretch, soft feel and opaque finish. The combination of the weight and grip prevents it from easily slipping. Pair it day or night with your favourite outfit.

Fabric composition: Premium Polyester chiffon

Size 175/70cm

Our Premium chiffon range will be your favourite accessory for a long time with the proper care. We recommend you gently hand wash your modal scarf in mild (preferably organic) detergent. Dry in shade away from direct sunlight to prevent colour bleaching or fading. Dry cleaning also works too.

IMPORTANT TIP: Use our neural tone magnets and avoid pins to keep your scarf in optimum condition.

DISCLAIMER: Our metal SS tags are delicate and should be handled with care. Twiice can't be responsible should the logo fall off with wear, as this may happen if not handled delicately.