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7 Twiice approved hijab hacks


Being a stylish, modest hijabi is no easy task but practical hacks are not easy to find. While the internet is replete with hijab hacks, expert-approved tips and tricks are always better. We have some good news for you girlies, we have put together our favourite hijab hacks tried and tested in-house at TWIICE. 

1. Start with a Hijab Cap

There is simply no underestimating the wonders a hijab cap can do for a sleek clean look. The hijab cap does a lot to keep the hair in place and serves as a great base from which you can proceed to drape your scarf. We will urge you to pick quality ones that are versatile in every weather condition. Our variety of caps in all your favourite colours will have you covered no matter what the occasion, so stock up now!

hijab caps

2. Hijab Magnets for the Win

Here’s where we differ from the internet pundits. We are all for securing your scarf and keeping everything in place but does it need ancient pins and brooches? Pins and brooches are hardly ever discreet and always run the risk of causing more discomfort than comfort. Our choice of securing is always a trusty pair of hijab magnets. Our magnets are available in all the necessary neutral shades and once you pop them on, they won’t budge from the place.


hijab magnets

3. Invest in Variety

Now not all occasions are made equal, so your hijab should ideally reflect that. Our SECOND SKIIN features scarves in modal, a reliable fabric, known for its breathability and malleability. This much-beloved material makes it incredibly easy for you to try different styles and is renowned for its durability and makes for the perfect everyday scarf. Our chiffon scarves on the other hand have an undeniable dreamy quality. They are light, elegant and flowy making them more suitable for events or when you need to make a statement. 

Pastel chiffon hijabs

4. Know Your Colours

If there is a faux pas you want to avoid, it is mismatching your hijab cap and scarf. Trying to find that perfect colour combo can be a daunting undertaking, we suggest stocking up on your neutral shades that can act as the perfect base for several scarves. As the next step, consult a colour guide to get a better idea and our highly helpful colour guide will have you on the right path no matter what. 

hijab colour guide

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment 

We all know that there are now umpteen styles by which you can wear your hijab. However, it is quite common to fall into a routine with things that are familiar and known to us. Our expert opinion is that you try out many different styles to determine your favourites. We suggest experimenting with a turban style with a while covering your neck for a dress you’d like to show off. While the common side-pin hijab works just fine for your everyday casual pants and top ensembles. 

hijab styles

6. The Wrinkly Scarf Dilemma

We know that it isn’t exactly easy to combat the inevitable wrinkly scarf. While the hair straightener has gone viral for its innovative wrinkle-removal abilities, we find that the good old flat iron also does the job quite fine. Our favourite is however a good steamer that will take care of all those pesky creases and crinkles in a jiffy. Taking good care of the scarves is also essential to keep those wrinkles at bay. 

Wrinkle-free hijab scarf

7. Accessorise with Care

We are all for letting the accessories shine - be it those stunning earrings, your signature oversized sunglasses or a chunky necklace. Being a modest dresser shouldn’t stop you from jumping onto the accessory train however be careful with the style of the hijab. Some styles of hijab don’t quite let a statement necklace or dangler earrings shine. When you are accessorising, make sure to go for a hijab in a subtler tone and choose an unassuming wrapping style. 

Hijab accessories

The hijab in no way limits your fashion choices; it has time again proven itself as a versatile piece that can adapt to a plethora of occasions. Over time the humble hijab has become a statement of empowerment itself. We hope our tried and tested hijab hacks will help you let yourself and your personal style truly shine. 

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