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International Women's Day By Twiice

Twiice - The Modern Modest Brand Made For Women By Women

What goes into building a modest fashion brand? We give you the inside scoop with an exclusive behind-the-look scoop at our first-ever International Women's Day Event!

Now more than ever, we as women are posed to build a world that is inclusive and supportive, Twiice was born out of our commitment to building such a world. Our brand was built by three women who envisioned making stylish yet comfortable clothing available to women of all sizes and all backgrounds. While the vision translated into action in 2018, we have since grown leaps and bounds to become a modern empowered voice in the fashion space. 

The success of Twiice is a testament to the power of women. As a brand made by women for women, it has been women who have propped us up throughout this tenuous journey. Women and their inherent power are why we have been able to thrive as a brand and speak to causes important to us. This International Women’s Day presented an opportunity for us to thank these wonderful women and extend our hand in a time of need. 

Founders of Twiice - Eldana Murad, Mawluda Momin, Nigara Momin

Brunching and Breaking Taboos

As a modern modest fashion brand, our organisational culture is very much focused on making women look and feel their best. This philosophy extends beyond the realms of fashion and our first event International Women’s Day Event speaks to this. 

This humble event was our way of subverting the many taboos that hamper a woman’s well-being and as women ourselves we are no strangers to these taboos. We wanted to create a space where women can pause and openly discuss these taboos amongst their peers and casual brunch proved to be just the space for it.  

Our honoured guests included @hinak_beauty, @omrie_, @noraayad and more

Centred around Women’s well-being, our exclusive brunch was attended by prominent influencers in the city and our very own VIP customers. The event was heralded by two lovely ladies Jahida Al-Assaad from Metamorphosis Coaching and Safa Al-Chami known as the Hype coach. 

Speaking Their Truth

Jahida Al-Assad of Metamorphosis Coaching is a prominent speaker and youth mentor amongst other things. Her short yet information-packed speech opened up perspectives on success, purpose and the 6 core human needs. This prompted an insightful conversation amongst the many in attendance. Additionally, it was pathbreaking for those of us who balance multiple roles at a time. 

Jahida Al-Assaad from Metamorphosis Coaching

Safa Al Chami better known as The Hype Coach is a licensed life coach and hypnotherapist. Her distinctive ways to recognise and combat trauma proved to be healing for many of us. The conducted workshop was a great way for many of us to also deal with anxiety on a daily basis. Her instant therapeutic exercises with many participants were not only appreciated, but the practical tips were also great for us to optimally maintain our well-being. 

The Hype Coach Safa Al-Chami

Women in Solidarity

The sessions by the speakers also helped many of us who have been shaken by the tragedy that has struck our brothers and sisters in Turkey and Syria. We, like many of you, have not been immune to this calamity and have pledged all proceeds from the event to HASENE Australia

As a brand made for women by women, we stand in solidarity with the earthquake victims and urge the loyal women who have supported us to support this cause as well. If you can, please contribute to this cause on our website. Donations will close in March so make your contributions now. 

Two Steps Forward with Twiice

Our small attempt to support women’s well-being was warmly received by all our patrons. The success of this event gives us the courage and conviction to forge ahead and build a truly inclusive space with Twiice. As a modern modest fashion label, we hope to continue to host events like this in the future. Events that will foster difficult conversations and be a helping hand to those in need. 

We could not have pulled off this ambitious feat without the support of women who support women. Our goody bags featured great contributions from the Haus of Laser, Exhale Pilates Studio and we were also treated to delicious milk cakes from Dollops and Drizzles. The wonderful peple over at Social Eyes were instrumental to organising, decorating and covering the event. We thank all those who made this event a great success again and hope to continue with you on this journey.

Thank you to our lovely sponsors
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